American Poltergeist- Curse of Lilith Ratchet- A Scary good time

If your anything like me and love horror movies of all kinds you will often times come across a gem. That movie for me was American Poltergeist- Cures of Lilith Ratchet. Directed by Eddie Lengyel. It was first introduced to me by a happenstance and adding a new friend on Social Media. Mr. Roger Conners who is not only a brilliant actor but also one of Ohios most celebrated independent film actors and i truly enjoyed his portrayal of Dylan Reavis. Well done!


Roger Conners as Dylan Reavis.

This films brilliance comes from its storytelling and colorful characters, after aquiring a shrunken head two friends attempt to find out more about the object in their possession. As many of us would do they approach paranormal enthusiast who runs a podcast Behind the Veil. After finding out is indeed a real authentic cursed object he decides to do a live podcast hoping to create a boost in ratings and bring the story of the shrunken to the audience. Of course things don’t go as planned and they dont know that by playing the game that is required they release The Curse of Lilith Ratchet.  Shes mean, shes evil and shes angry and insanely enough i find her absolutely enthralling. Lilith Ratchet is what every single poltergeist should strive to be.

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It isn’t like other movies that involve the paranormal and the curse aspects make it very interesting to paranormal fans and horror fans alike. I love the effects and makeup in the film and honestly Lilith Ratchet is absolutely marvelous. I love the victorian era evil ghost. Watching this film gave me a new appreciation for independent actors and actresses and even the simplicity of a good old fashioned ghost story. I would love to see more curse films that involve objects of obsession or possession.  I truly hope to come across more films like this in the future and many other films that involve the cast and crew.

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Crissy Kolarik as Lilith Ratchet is truly terrifying, What a brilliant actress.

Have you seen American Poltergeist- Curse of Lilith Ratchet? If so let me know in the comments and please like and share.

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