Penny Dreadful- A brilliant Vision

From the brilliant mind of John Logan comes the gothic horror series known as Penny Dreadful. In a opening sequence filled with many different brilliant gothic, witchy horror visuals you can’t help but get sucked in. With a wide array of colorful characters tortured by some affliction or darkness, you get one giant collaboration of the ultimate horror classics all rolled into a victorian era modern adaptation. This t.v show is a new generation of genius and I can only hope that it continues in comic or television or even a movie.


It takes you on a adventure of darkness through the mind of a psychic and the mental torture and physical agony she goes through. All woven into this spectacular t.v show are the most popular monster classics. Including Dracula, Frankenstein, and Dorian Grey.

With a brilliant cast and so many different stories to relate to or to be entranced by the show truly makes you want to live in that fantasy.  It isn’t very often that I find myself amazed at a story compilation of old movies based on books. Something about this show is special and unique. The truly captivating part is the extreme detail they go into with each and every character making every death, or destruction ten times more impactful on the audience.  Eva Green does another brilliant job of portaying a unique character, is there anything that woman can’t do? Vanessa Ives, the lovely, beautiful, dangerous psychic and the epitome of Dracula’s obsession in the first season.


The show goes on into a difficult story line with crossed paths and very structured background stories. Although if you love a good storyline like I do you will have no issues following it. Also starring Joshua Hartnett as a gun slinging, american sharpshooter running away from a extremely difficult past. Together along with Sir Malcolm they come across all different kinds of evil forces. From witches to vampires, to the evil one himself. Also introducing many tortured, not quite evil characters such as John Clare, Doctor Frankensteins “first” creation. With his extended story line and sad features and ability to feel so deeply you cant help but love him and feel for him and his childlike wonder.

John Clare Dr. Frankensteins first creation.

John Logan does an amazing job at the cinematography and I can only truly hope that the spinoff series, Penny Dreadful City of Angels can also live up to the amazing expectation that the original series provided. Its going to be a interesting ride either way and I simply cannot wait to see what is next in this T.V Series


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