When there is no more room in hell- Top 5 Best Zombie Films

“When there is no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth”

Everyone loves scary movies but when it comes down to the zombie genre there are so many to choose from that it is hard to just pick one. So let me introduce you too my personal top 5 zombie films ranging from the late 80s to modern day mindless cannibals.

  1. Night of the Living Dead-1990- Directed By George Romero Effects by Tom Savini
Night of the Living Dead-1990s Featuring Patricia Tallman and Tony Todd and Bill Mosely

Night of the Living Dead is a entertaining remake of the original film of the same title. Starring Patricia Tallman, Tony Todd, and Bill Mosely as Johnny, this film is entertaining and amusing. Starting out as a simple visit to a graveyard to put flowers on their mothers grave a young woman named Barbra and her brother are savagely attacked by a gruesome, blood spewing zombie. She escapes to a remote farmhouse and eventually in comes the character Ben played by Tony Todd. Both of them attempt to figure out what to do and what is happening. More characters enter including Harry the mean confrontational antagonist who seems more bent on fighting than surving. His wife Helen and their injured daughter Sarah. Also with them is Judy Rose and Tom. Throughout the film they attempt to survive and board up the house in which they are prisoner with only a truck as the only hope for salvation or finding help. After many confrontations and a explosion that eliminates two characters Barbra eventually leaves by herself to attempt to try and find help. Although the film just like most of the others leaves the ending kind of on a stand still it is still one of my favorites and will remain to be for a long time.

Patricia Tallman as Barbra and Tony Todd as Ben

2. Dawn of the Dead– 1978- Directed by George Romero, effects by Tom Savini and music by Dario Argento and the Goblins.


Dawn of the Dead is one of those films that are truly unforgettable. Starring Ken Foree, Gaylin Ross, Scott. H. Reiniger and even a special appearance by Tom Savini as the crazy biker who get ripped apart like shredded paper. This film follows a television producer Fran and her boyfriend Steven as they attempt to escape in a helicopter, meanwhile the other two main characters Peter and Roger are knee deep in a apartment building that was hoarding dead bodies and its up to them to eliminate them. Eventually they all end up escaping together and taking refuge in a shopping mall. The movie is amusing and has some terrific one liners as well as an epic soundtrack that sticks in your head well after the movie has been finished. Romero never ceases to amuse and Dawn of the Dead is a prime example of his genius.

Dawn of the Dead- David Emge in his portrayal as Stephen the zombie

3. Day of the Dead-1985- Directed by George Romero, Makeup effects by Tom Savini (cool fact) Greg Nicotero helped assist Tom Savini with the effects for this film.


Starring Lori Cardelle, Joseph Pilato and Sherman Howard ; Day of the Dead is truly one of those movies you can’t help but love.  George Romero quotes, ” A tragedy about lack of human communication that causes chaos and collapse even in this small pie slice of society.” Featuring Sherman Howard as the zombie we all know and love, Bub is the first of his kind. A partially docile zombie. Also starring Greg Nicotero as Private Johnson. With the usual simple plot of zombies outnumbering humans what is left of humanity live in underground barricaded and protected bunkers.  This film embodies the true nature of humanity and what would happen in a situation of stress and danger and imminent death. From a doctor nicknamed Frankenstein to the disturbing experiments done to the walking dead, this film is absolutely great. From a bitter Captain Rhodes played by Joseph Pilato (who also sadly passed away recently RIP Captain!), this film is a blood splattering classic you will love. 

4. Diary of the Dead- 2007-  Directed and written by George Romero


Bringing something completely new to the zombie series Romero tries his hand at the found footage genre only this time its with, you guess it! Zombies!  Diary of the Dead has a aura of intensity to it that hasn’t happened since Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. Using a video camera a small group of friends get caught in a whirlwind of drama when the zombie apocalypse heads their way. Armed with a R.V they go off and try to survive in the situation. Using the popular found footage type of visuals this film makes me feel like its a actual reality. The fact that a group of what seems like real people are recording a real life event makes it even more convincing. Plus it helps that it was indeed done well. It is definitely a movie you don’t  want to miss out on, it is worth the watch and adds a little something different to the zombie genre that hasn’t been done yet and amazingly isn’t overdone. Zombie Found Footage, a new genre that is just waiting to be born.


5. Zombieland– 2009- Produced by Gavin Palone and Directed by Ruben Fleischer


Zombieland is a parody, blood squirting, ride of a zombie film. Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and the always interesting and eccentric Woody Harrelson. The film follows a young man who has  very interesting list of ways to survive the zombie apocalypse and throughout the film comes across many different characters. Woody Harrelson does an amazing job as a twinkie obssessed badass cowboy in search of his one and only favorite dessert. Emma Stone plays young woman who would do anything to protect her sister as they basically rob anyone who gets in their way. Also starring Bill Murray it is a amusing, parody like horror comedy that is absolutely charming yet gorey and amusing. It is worth every second of your time and has some colorful characters to boot including (spoiler) a creepy clown.

download (2)

That concludes my list of my top 5 zombie films. Although I know there are probably ten or 20 more I could throw in this list I stuck with ones that were my favorite and stick out in my mind for different reasons. Zombie films influence of a generation of horror and film enthusiasts. And its so easy to see why.


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