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Every artist has a vision and concept that they go through when they write or direct a film, Rob Zombie is absolutely no exception to that rule. His films are gritty, disturbing, with dark humor and dark atmospheric visuals. Hes had a large selection of movies he has written, directed and produced in the past few years. So here is my list of Rob Zombie films from the best to, the least popular. I may miss a couple but these are my favorites from best to worst.

  1. House of a 1000 Corpses-2003-   


Rob Zombies first feature film that caused so much debate as well a unbridled excitement for Rob Zombie fans and horror fans. This film in my opinon has a superior genius to it, it has the atmospheric touch of a 90s grind film with just enough modern day representation.

We are introduced to so many amusing characters such as Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) Otis Driftwood (Bill Mosely) Baby (Sheri Moon) and so many other characters. With some amazing cameos from other actors and actresses as well. I truly enjoyed this film and I still watch it alot. With amazing one liners and torture scenes with gruesome brutality it is honestly my favorite film. Not to mention the funny little lessons that come along with the film. Dont mess with things you know nothing about, and NEVER pick up hitch hikers that are bat bomb crazy.

2. Devils Rejects- 2005-


In this sequel to House of a 1000 Corpses we get a different kind of atmosphere. Same characters just a little older and less 80s atmosphere and more granular. Repraising the original cast with Bill Mosely in his brilliant role of Otis Driftwood and Sheri Moon Zombie (she ended marrying Rob Zombie hence the last name change) and Sid Haig; you get a more mature, less pragmatic sequel to House of 1000 Corpses.

Finally busted for their horrific deeds the Firefly end fleeing and end up being on the road hunted by authorities including Sherrif Wydells’ brother who has a insane taste for vile revenge due to his brothers demise. With still some dark humor and psychopathic tendencies the group end up in a motel and take a small christian band hostage. Bill Mosely as his role of Otis Driftwood is one of my favorite characters in this film. Nothing can beat his one linertumblr_m77kd9XBzC1qj7u8ao1_400

This film holds so much general appeal to me. The visual is fantastic and the ending scene is magnificent and well done. After everything they have all been through together and the climax of the film I found myself feeling bad for the insane family. Just like every other fan out there, I am truly looking forward to Three From Hell.

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3. Halloween-  2007


Many people in the horror community have a love hate relationship with this film. Unlike the original film it gives me what I personally always wanted to know. Why is Micheal the way he is, what happened to make him this way? For someone like me it was great to see a new fresh take on it and watch the whole cascade of events that eventually led to Micheal Myers’s killing spree. You get to see the transformation from child that cant remember what he did, to a quiet discerning, tortured child and then finally to a adult. There is so much more inbetween but that would be a spoiler. With Scout Taylore Compton as Laurie Strode we get a very interesting cameo from Brad Douriff as well as Danielle Harris (Who played Jaimy in the original film) and the eccentric Malcolm McDowell. It is safe to say that it really is a hit and miss with some people but everyone has their own vision of the movie. Halloween

4. 31- 2016


31, what is there to say about a film that is basically just a slaughter fest? ITS GREAT! Although slightly weird and strange it is quite amusing. Once again you get Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Philips and my ultimate favorite Richard Brake as the mean, insane, vile Doom Head. The whole entire premise is about a group of travelers who end up getting trapped in a literal game of cat and mouse with a tyrant of murders and psychos. All of it is amusing and its effects as usual are amazing.

Richard Brake as Doom Head and honestly hes the absolute best killer I have come across in a movie.

31 is a enjoyable amusing movie and it is absolutely worth the watch.

5. Halloween 2- 2009-


Not to many people enjoyed this film but I must be one of those odd ones out because even though people found it ridiculous I found it brilliant. It delves into the mental status of both characters Laurie Strode and Micheal Myers, two tortured souls. People didn’t like alot of the aspects in the film and hated the white horse. They just didn’t get it. But the very fact that it has so many psychological aspects is why I respect this film. It goes into the mental torture that Laurie (Scout Taylor Compton) goes through daily and the repercussions that its had on her friends. I understand its a often times a tedious film, especially if your set in your ways about the old one. But I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the white horse concept. It is a agree to disagree film.

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6. Lords of Salem- 

download (7)220px-Lords-of-salem-teaser

Lords of Salem is my least liked Rob Zombie film. It isn’t terrible but it is not something that appealed too me. I did love the visual aspect and the cinematography was excellently executed. That and i truly enjoyed seeing Patricia Quinn on film again (She is Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show), I do agree that it isn’t great it is confusing and you have to watch it many times to grasp the actual story and concept and it is filled with comparisons and hidden aspects behind darker visual aspects.

download (7)



The new Rob Zombie film is set to hit theaters in 2019 and I know this is something that I am so excited to see. In their twisted roles Bill Mosely, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Sid Haig repraise Otis Driftwood, Baby/ Vera Ellen, and Captain Spaulding/ Cutter/ Johnny Lee Johns. What is going to happen in this film is going to monumental to the recurring story line. How can we not be excited for this film?

That concludes my list of how I rate The Rob Zombie films. From best to worst no matter what we will always be in love with his films in some form or another.



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