Rebirth- A new zombie nightmare commemorated

The horror genre has been bombarded with zombie films, especially in the last few years. From 28 Days Later to Walking Dead we have come across so many zombie films that make you shiver. As a child the original Night of the Living Dead is what terrified me the most, that black and white film was menacing in a oddly overcast way. I was lucky enough to come across some very exciting information in regards to a new fresh re-imagining of Night of the Living Dead. With wonderful work done by Cinematographer – Noelle Bye  and the excellent Editors – Michael R Kunz and Malachi Pulte. This new fresh take is bound to make feel the jitters all over again.


Written by Roger Conners  (click the link for our horrorific interview). This film is sure to scare and bring back the old retro zombie feeling and at the same time has a brand new outlook on the film itself and the industry in which it thrives. Rebirth (link to IMDB)  will truly be a film for every zombie fan to watch over and over it is going to  be cinematic, exciting and magnetic to all zombie fans.



For all zombie fans this will be a breathe of fresh air giving us a new film to love and admire. After seeing the passion of Roger Conners and the excitement and the enthusiasm it is rather hard to not be ecstatic for a zombie film that is a fresh new take on a classic. I was so excited to learn about this up and coming project and I was even fortunate enough to have a brief conversation with Roger Conners.

From the very moment I started brainstorming this project, I’ve always wanted this film to be its own thing. I didn’t want to just pop out yet another *****  Night of the Living Dead remake. Thats never been the goal with this. That being said, I’ve always maintained and stood by the obvious fact that this is a tribute to the original material. Beyond that, and more than anything, this film is really a homage to Romero and his knack for touching on modern social commentary. We have plenty of that in “Rebirth”. It feels very relevant. But, commentary aside, from the very beginning you’re going to see plenty of nods to the 1968 film. Whether it be Adam’s trench-coat which is clearly inspired by Barbara’s costume, or the makes and models of certain vehicles you see throughout the course of the film, we tried our hardest to respectfully tip our hat to the source material. I know fans of it are absolutely going to pick up on these Easter eggs, and they’re sprinkled all throughout the course of the film.

-Roger Conners

Release date yet to be announced. Are you as excited as I am? I sure hope so because this is definitely a treat for any zombie fan!

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