History and Horror – A Dark Story

When we look back at our historical roots we find many many incidents where humanity has shown its true dark colors. For me those are the kinds of movies I love. The ones with a ounce of blood drop truth to its origin. Now some of them may be over exaggerated or far fetched, but with a just a little effort it doesn’t take much to see why these events were considered horrific or terrifying.

Whitechapel Murderer and Leather Apron- From Hell 


Based on one of the most famous serial killers of all time, the movie from Hell is a hellishly good time and it is one of my favorites. Starring the ever darkly handsome Johnny Depp and Heather Graham, this movie is a instant classic. Although not entirely based on facts the movie offers a look into the what if aspect and does what Hollywood does best. Turns into a love story of sorts. Adding some of the familiar names such as Mary Kelly, who was indeed a victim and a couple of other legitimate names it veers off slightly into the land of fancy yet still i found myself loving it.


Jack the Ripper was convincing, the terror ensued and flowed well with the rest of the film. Johnny Depp does magnificent job as he often does, playing a opium addicted detective trying to solve the gut quenching murders of several ” unlucky” women in the whitechapel district of London. There he meets Mary Kelley and they establish a friendship of sorts that turns into something romantic. I wont give away to much, but I do have to say its a must see and I love the visual aspect of whitechapel its something I have always been curious about so to see it in front of me on screen was a real treat.

Jack The Ripper? 


The infamous Jack the Ripper is portrayed in this film superbly, as a man with knowledge and content but yet has a specific grudge for the unfortunate women. Ian Holm does a magnificent job as Jack the Ripper and I to this very day find it incredibly convincing and well done. Throughout the film we come across many different issues that cause further questions as too who Jack the Ripper is. We come across Prince Albert and his unlawful marriage to a prostitute which results in her being grabbed and lobotomized. Again as some know with history there was question as to who it was, the doctor in the royal family who knew about Prince Albert’s love and intimacy with a prostitute which ultimately led to syphilis. Some say it was Prince Albert himself. None of this however is proven its all been conspired. The movie itself other than showing his marriage to the unfortunate woman doesn’t go to much into detail with his side of the story. In the conclusion Jack the Ripper lets out one final sentence and it always stuck with me “I gave birth to the 20th Century ….” To this day that sentence still rings in my ears and sadly enough, I cant disagree with that statement.


So to all the Jack the Ripper fanatics and those who are major history buffs what did you think about the movie? Have you read the comic book the movie is based after? What did you enjoy most? What did you dislike the most?


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