A Friend to the End- Childs Play vs Childs Play

I am huge fan of Childs Play, ever since I was younger and I saw the movie I found him hilarious yet scary. As I am sure many of us in our generation did. To us Chucky was a icon, a doll that came to live to kill and threaten, destroy possess and maim. All of it was great, following its release in  1988 I am sure many people felt the same as me. Horrified yet they loved it, which I do believe is how horror is supposed to make you feel. The original Childs Play starred Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon, Brad Dourif and Alex Vincent. Everyone felt bad for poor little Andy Barclay and we somehow eerily enough LOVED Brad Dourif as Chucky. I questioned my sanity as to why I loved him that role so many times. I couldn’t ever come up with a answer it was always just BECAUSE HES AWESOME! And that laugh….oh that laugh!!! So that being said I am not going to do a review but rather a slight comparison on the good and bad of both the original and the remakes and the newest rendition. Its going to be a long ride so sit back and enjoy and maybe we can be “friends to the end”.

                                                             Childs Play- 1988

Starring Brad Dourif as Chucky, Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon and Alex Vincent

In 1988 Childs Play was released and honestly I must say to this day it holds up. The original is a classic, filled with classic kills. Brad Dourif does a marvelous job as the voice of Charles Lee Ray, the former murderer trapped in a dolls body by some strange voodoo spell. Next we meet Karen Barclay single mom to a child named Andy who is celebrating his birthday. Through a string of strange events she ends up with the Good Guy Doll and gives it to her son.

Not to long after, at all a string of murders happen leading them straight to Andy. How sad! No one believes him and the usual story unfolds, mom founds out the truth, the doll tries to murder her they take him out with a bang, literally. Brad Dourif is pretty much epic in the role of chucky and I was beyond upset when I heard that they are making a new one BUT Brad Dourif would not be reprising his role as Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky.


I mean come on! There is no Chucky without Brad Dourif. So needless to say initially I boycotted this film heavily. I was setting myself up for disappointment, etc.  You know the usual shpeel about no one can replace Brad Dourif. Then news hit the dramatic air waves about the one who would voicing the new Chucky and I was instantly thrilled to my core. I thought, “maybe now this movie may have a chance with me”. To avoid spoilers I wont say till we get to the end of the article. I digress, all acting was amazing and the roles were acted to full potential and it was a great horror film although for someone like me it makes me laugh especially when he swears so often its worse than Negan from walking dead.

Childs Play 2-1990 


So low and behold as hollywood does with popular movies or characters, they made a second one. Now, this one wasn’t bad either, this one again focuses on Andy who is now in foster care because his mom is institutionalized. Chucky proceeds to again destroy his life and pass his soul into this living boy at all costs. Ruining Andy’s chance at any happy childhood. Still claiming hes your friend to the end etc. Now this is when the movie to me started taking a little more comical turn. Some of the lines that spew out of chucky’s mouth are beyond hilarious and I always laugh a couple times throughout the show. Its worth the watch I think. Especially if you LOVE Dourif as Charles Lee Ray. I always wondered what he would do once he took over this child, destroy everything? Kill people? I want to know!

Childs Play 3 


This movie came out in 1991 and now shows a more mature Andy going to military school, or a school for troubled youth I cant remember all that great. Either way, he is there and chucky comes back. How surprising, not really. Its a little more action packed with more kills from Chucky and for some reason I find them highly amusing.


This time Chucky finds a new victim. A young boy named Tyler, who chucky proceeds to manipulate to crap and transfer his soul into instead of Andy. Once again Andy and his girlfriend…friend. Decide to destroy that killer doll once and for all.  We all took a huge sigh of relief knowing that Chucky is destroyed for good. Yeah, NO! Eight years later we were then introduced to honestly one of my favorite installments,

                                                                Bride of Chucky


Bride of Chucky is so full of dark humor that it is hard to take it as a scary film. Starring Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany Valentine and Brad Dourif as Chucky once again, it centers  around Tiffany. Bride of Chucky also stars, Katherine Heigle and some other well known actors and actresses. Basically Heigle is in love with a bad boy and her uncle doesn’t want her too be with so they take the two dolls thanks to a scheme set up by Tiffany and high tail it out of the town leaving a wake of murders behind them and getting blamed.MV5BYzQwOWViMGYtNGZhOC00ZjRmLWIyMDYtODgxNjcyYjBmNDI4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjQ4ODE4MzQ@._V1_

Tiffany we find out is Chucky’s murder obsessed, kick ass girlfriend/ fiance. Which doesn’t last long. Through another unfortunate event completed by a toaster in a bathtub Chucky sends her soul into the doll of a good guy female doll adorned in a wedding dress and veil. Tiffany wakes up pretty damn peeved at him and literally cuffs him in the face screaming and throwing a fit because I mean hey she turned into a doll!

The rest ensues quite hilariously with over the top lines about knives going out of style and how Chucky looks like Martha Stuart. It also shows the twisted relationship between Chucky and Tiffany. It was enjoyable and downright dark and funny.  Not the best but not the worst…in the series. Up until this point they are enjoyable and have some direct appeal for some odd reason right? I thought so too. Then this happened…

                                                                             Seed of Chucky- 

5139AP5176L._SY445_Seed of chucky came out and it was one of those moments where after I viewed it I simply said “I cant even….” So it turns out the kid that Tiffany popped out at the end of the Bride of Chucky ends up getting found by some cop who then makes a puppet show out of the kid…puppet …whatever it is. He ends up being named Glen/ Glenda because of his …no gender issue by being a doll. So yeah a literal gender confused puppet basically. So its never clear if he is a boy or girl. Im just going by boy because in the end that is what he ends up choosing.


Eventually he escapes desperate to find chucky and tiffany. Meanwhile two recreation dolls used in a movie of chucky and Tiffany end up with the souls of chucky and Tiffany again because their son uses voodoo to bring them back…again. So now their main focus is to get Jennifer Tilly knocked up so that they can all pass their souls into Jennifer, her chauffeur and… ummm they want to impregnate her with chuckys baby …by a voodoo pregnancy. Basically a turkey baster….and you get the idea. So that succeeds and she has twins…. in the end one twin has glen and the other one i think is just normal. But Jennifer Tilly has Tiffanys soul and is just a murderous b****. Beats her maid to death and yeah…. thats that. Its just so full of ridiculousness that I actually enjoyed it.

image (1)images (1)


So next we will take a look into the Chucky ….sequels that are more modern. The ones that came after. They aren’t bad movies they tried to fix a movie series that went from serious to comedic and even though the storylines were dark people didn’t approve of the new Childs Play movies. Such as Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky, that tried to make sense of a whole bunch of plot holes that just added way more questions than filled them in. The coolest part about the films was that Nica Peirce is played by Brad Dourifs daughter Fiona Dourif. And of course he reprises the Chucky role which was the best part. Chucky had a new updated look which…honestly didn’t do much. They just should have used the sewn up doll. The storylines are kind of simple but for these two films you just need to watch, they aren’t terrible at all. They are amusing and Chucky is creepy but for some reason they just didn’t seem to hold up as well as the others did. Oh and a surprise by the one and only Alex Vincent. That was a huge yay from me.

My favorite out of the two would probably be Cult of Chucky. It kind of brings it all together in the end and without ending it shows a somewhat conclusion to the utter chaos that these movie franchise seemed to raise. So they aren’t bad movies they just aren’t the best of all of them and still leaves major plot holes.

                                                                 Childs Play-2019


Lets talk about Chucky himself, although I do admit he looks slightly….strange and different I do have to say that for what the movie is about it does work. I wanted Brad Dourif to be Chucky so bad but when I heard that it is going to be Mark Hamill my hopes sky rocketed. Mark Hamill is amazing in everything he is and never fails to make a impression on whoever plays. So Chucky himself was saved for now. At least there was that much. Mark Hamill was a definite great choice for the voice seeing as how Dourif wasn’t a option.


So now storyline? What was the storyline going to be? Voodoo and mysticism, dead serial killer possessing a doll. I was praying they would stick to the script of the original. Then i saw the preview and all I said was nope nope nope STUPID! So I sat myself down and decide to power through it and I came out pleasantly surprised. The Storyline itself is plausible in the world we live in. Less fake and more believable, technology becoming almost sentient and wanting to make you happy at all costs because that is what it is supposed to do. Its a recipe for disaster and I mean remember Furby’s? So there is no denying that this could be plausible for us in the future right? The acting from the young boy playing Andy was so well done, honestly the only complaint I have is Aubrey Plaza. Shes not a bad actress she just wasn’t right for the part I think.

As for kill count, I wasn’t keeping track I didn’t care because honestly the new unique ways of death were so awesome. I mean…come on you have to admit the saw part is quite ….. painful looking. I wont give away to much of the storyline because I know some still are waiting for the release. I was surprised by it and I was surprised that I did thoroughly enjoy it. It didn’t drag on and on, it jumped right in from the beginning with a huge WTF! A doll with a computer chip that has the limits erased so there is basically nothing he can and can’t do. So his mission to keep Andy happy means killing his cat and mutilating his mothers boyfriend (that one I didn’t blame him for). And honestly in some parts I felt sorry for Chucky. Weirdly…. Childs Play 2019 was win, because it wasn’t ridiculous trying to feed off old scripts that are way to overdone to the point where plot holes arent just holes they are now canals. This was something completely new and more reasonable and plausible because its something I could see happening. I think it is worth the watch and I will be watching it again when it comes to DVD.



Did you enjoy the Childs Play movies? Which ones are your favorites? Have you seen the new one ? Let us know! Like Share and spread the love of all things dark and horrific.

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