Top 5 Horror Comics

For someone who is a avid reader, horror novels have been a daily part of my life. From Stephen King to Dean Koontz I have been nose deep in horror literature since I was a child. The first book I ever read that was horror themed was a cover less paperback about a cult in mexico that kidnapped college kids. I cant remember exactly as it was so long ago but I remember being obsessed ever since. Something about the darkness and obscurity of it all enthralled me and ignited a deep dark love for all things horror. Well into my late 20s I developed another literature love, comics. Best of all Horror Comics. With that I shall start of with a bang with one of the best known comics these days.

                                                                       Walking Dead 

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The Walking Dead is a series of comics written by Robert Kirkman that follows Rick Grimes. A town official who wakes up in a hospital after being shot to the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. His focus remains the same throughout the first few comics, to find his wife and son Laurie and Carl. Throughout the comics we are introduced to a multitude of different characters such as Morgan and Duane, Glen, Andrea and Amy, Carol and Sophia to name a few. Throughout the comic its about basic survival while trying to thrive in a world overrun with the Walking Dead and some rather unsavory characters such as The Governor and the Terminus story-line.  The story progresses rather quickly in the comics and there are so many aspects that take place, you just have to read it to find out. The Comics differ from the television series in many different ways, some essential and some not. Including the love hate relationship between the readers and Negan. Eventually it comes to a conclusion and its heartbreaking and terrifying. The Walking Dead is a comic that in my opinion takes a great deal of talent to write it avidly and efficiently. Its exciting and yet daunting with great visuals and great descriptions.

walking dead negan main (Custom)


                                                           Tales from the Crypt 


The Tales From the Crypt comic book anthology was a series published by EC Comics from 1950 to 1955. There are exactly 27 issues to this anthology and all of them are colorful amusing and just like the show have such a great comical horror aspect that I love them. Each comic contained a different story and although I have not been able to read all of them I have read a few and I love them. There isn’t much to say because each one has a different story just like the television shows. If you can find them they are defiantely worth the read with their horror comedy aspect.

                                                          Penny Dreadful 


Based on the Gothic television series by John Logan, Penny Dreadful comics take place back and forth and in-between the story-line of the television show. I bought the first one when i was disappointed that the show ended and i was pleasantly surprised. I love the way it looked, the way the pictures jumped off the page and the fact that the story had more to it to answer all those questions I had. At the time only one existed and now there are four, that for me is exciting and im looking forward to purchasing them all. With a mix of all your classic monster movies and books rolled into one story I am so excited to begin my journey with Vanessa Ives, Doctor Frankenstein, Dorian Grey, and Sir Malcolm all over again.


To me it is a perfect example of visual potency that all comic books need and some lack. Its beautiful haunting and astounding.

Constantine – Hellblazer 


Constantine is an eccentric comic based on the snarky warlock John Constantine. There is so much to this comic that its hard to sum it up in a couple of words, he made his first appearance in swamp thing and since has gotten his own comic. The visual aspect of John Constantine came from the singer sting. Throughout the comic there is so much essential story line that trying to convey it here would be pointless and I could go on forever. Hes a anti hero with attitude and the addiction to chain smoking. Fighting off negative occult influences around him and trying to do good but is often viewed as insufferable. Constantine is a great read and the art of the comics is amazing and colorful and very vivid. Its definitely a five stars for me.



This story is somewhat horror oriented in a action packed way. It involved vampires and a confusing aspect of angels vs demons. Preacher although not your run of the mill horror comic was thoroughly enjoyable. From your first introduction to Jessie Custer to the strangely disturbing visual of Genesis its a comic book that is incredibly enjoyable. However you might want to throw all logic out of the window because this comic thrives on imagination and mind bending altercations.



With that I bring you to the end of my short article about the best horror comics that I have read. Which ones are your favorites and which ones would you add to the list?


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