Alexa: Hardwired for Fun! (?)

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Horror film sprung to life, or poltergeist pal trying to express their good will? In the last few weeks, Amazon’s Alexa units have been reported to power on themselves and issue unsettling laughter. Okay, Alexa isn’t randomly humming a company jingle or spewing messages of hate in electronic tongues, but her recent outbursts have (rightfully) …


Jason Voorhees: The Maniac You’re Diving to Meet

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As if the idea of navigating murky water 120 ft. below the surface doesn’t sound anxiety provoking enough, how about adding in an unholy killer? Thanks to artist Curtis Lahr, that’s exactly what divers in Crosby, Minnesota should steel themselves for. Straight out of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, Lahr chained a …

Celebrating the Women of Horror

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The words “female” and “horror film” are no longer solely synonymous with “femme fatale”, “dead”, or “miniskirt/wet shirt/big boobs/baseball bat”. To be female in the realm of horror also means “filmmaker”, “storyteller”, and “actress”. The horror genre depends on drawing evil from shared experiences, and for too long has the genre been monopolized by one …