‘The Predator’ short film makes us nostalgic for Blockbuster Friday nights

the predator, superdivorce, vhs, music video

I was browsing Reddit, like I always do and wasting too much time doing it, when I found this really rad short film/music video from director Zach Daulton. The video, with music by Superdivorce, harkens back to the days of ordering pizza delivery and watching movies I probably shouldn't have been watching at a young …


Night Prowler Video and Dreaming in Neon score love letter to ‘Halloween’

Halloween, dreaming in neon, night prowler video, music, synth

The release of the highly successful Halloween (2018) is making us salivate for anything Michael Myers. Well, to be honest, I am ALWAYS looking for cool Halloween content online. Night Prowler Video  gave us awesome Halloween fan film, He Waits, which had a fantastic original score by Dreaming In Neon. Now, They are back with a love letter to …

Waxwork Comics’ “House of Waxwork” issue 2 drops 2/2/18

house of waxwork, horror, vinyl, comic book, waxwork records

  Waxwork Comics is doing it again! Issue 2 of their insanely brilliant comic book venture, "House of Waxwork", is set to be released tomorrow, 2/2/18. I purchased the first issue and was blown away. The art and storytelling was captivating and it looks like that is continued with the new issue. In addition to …