Don’t Dream It, Be It- My deep love for Rocky Horror Picture Show

Science fiction, double feature...why Rocky Horror is one of my favorite movies.


[Short Horror] Sinisisters drive angry with ‘Sunday Driver’

sinisisters productions, horror, short horror, women in film

Have you ever just had a bad day and the idiot driver in front of you just compounds to whatever has pissed you off. Have you ever felt like reaching through their window, pulling them out, and unleashing fury upon them? Going full on Jason Voorhees would be the only thing that would quench your …

‘The Predator’ short film makes us nostalgic for Blockbuster Friday nights

the predator, superdivorce, vhs, music video

I was browsing Reddit, like I always do and wasting too much time doing it, when I found this really rad short film/music video from director Zach Daulton. The video, with music by Superdivorce, harkens back to the days of ordering pizza delivery and watching movies I probably shouldn't have been watching at a young …

Get your Boogeyman love in new short doc by Bloody Flicks

Pretty much every horror fan on planet earth loves the Halloween franchise. Whether your favorite entry is the original classic or the severely underrated Myers-less Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, these films hold a special place in a horror fans heart. Paul Downey and crew took that love and created the documentary, For the …

Night Prowler Video checks a bag in ‘Suitcases’ horror short film

night prowler video, suitcases, short film, horror, indie film

A while back we featured a Halloween fan film titled, He Waits, that was fantastic! Night Prowler Video is back with another exceptional short film, Suitcases. Just as with He Waits, this film utilizes a synth score that really drives the atmosphere of the story. The camera work really stands out here and can be …

Night Prowler Video creates horror/comedy Halloween fan film

halloween, fan film, he waits, horror, comedy

While we wait until October for Blumhouse's new Halloween film, I want to treat you to a tasty morsel the Halloween franchise. Night Prowler Video has created a scary and fun short film inspired by Carpenter's classic movies. I haven't been giving enough of Scary Basement Media's attention to short films lately. Hell, short films is …

Celebrating the Women of Horror

women in horror, Scary Basement Media, Karyn Kusama, Ana Lily Amirpour, February

The words “female” and “horror film” are no longer solely synonymous with “femme fatale”, “dead”, or “miniskirt/wet shirt/big boobs/baseball bat”. To be female in the realm of horror also means “filmmaker”, “storyteller”, and “actress”. The horror genre depends on drawing evil from shared experiences, and for too long has the genre been monopolized by one …