[Trailer] In Search of Darkness documentary trailer is epitome of 80’s horror retrospective.

in search of darkness, trailer, documentary, 80s horror, freddy krueger, halloween, nightmare on elm street

If you are a horror lover you understand and respect what the decade of cocaine fueled craziness contributed to the horror genre. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there was cocaine involved in every 80's horror movie (Maximum Overdrive). All I am saying is that the 80's were amazing in a lot of ways …


[Trailer] Doom: Annihilation trailer sends you to hell

Doom, annihilation, trailer, video game

Way back in 2005, a Doom movie, staring The Rock and Karl Urban was released and it left a completely bad taste in the mouth of fans of the legendary video with the same namesake. Flash forward fourteen years later and we have yet a second Doom film, Doom: Annihilation. This one looks a tad bit better …