Puppet Master: Axis Termination trailer gets drilled into your skull

I remember watching the first Puppet Master film when I was just a wee lad way back in 1989. Who would have thought the series would still be going to this day. The trailer for the highly anticipated sequel, Pupper Master: Axis Termination was released today. Check it out below! https://youtu.be/YcX6XX9Rc5w

Insane Another Wolfcop Trailer Release!

wolfcop, horror, another wolf cop, trailer

If you missed the 2014 original,Β do yourself a favor and watch the masterpiece of modern horror cinema that is Wolfcop. It had everything a lycanthrope lover could ask for. Blood, babes, and beasts (not to mention the obligatory melting penis). It's been two years and the sequel, aptly titled Another Wolfcop, is set to be …