The Nightmare Machine 

You ever wonder where those eerie and spine-chilling sounds come from that are included in some of today's most successful horror films? Great Big Story produced a short documentary on how some of these pieces of score are produced. Film music composer, Mark Korven, shows us how it's done.

Puppet Master: Axis Termination trailer gets drilled into your skull

I remember watching the first Puppet Master film when I was just a wee lad way back in 1989. Who would have thought the series would still be going to this day. The trailer for the highly anticipated sequel, Pupper Master: Axis Termination was released today. Check it out below!

Waxwork records plans comic book and 7″ vinyl companion releases

house of waxwork, horror, vinyl, comic book, waxwork records

Tomorrow, the talented folks over at Waxwork Records are releasing its first in a series of original horror themed comic books. If this wasn't already cool enough, they are also releasing a 7" vinyl featuring orginal music that is a companion piece to the comic book! As always, the artwork is incredible. The first issue cover art …

Darling (2015) Review

Darling, Netflix, horror, movies

Darling (2015), wastes no time setting up the unsettling. Slow, creeping shots of a monochrome New York City, ripe with chilling musical cues, create an atmosphere of strained uncertainty that keeps you deliciously uncomfortable throughout. Set in an anachronistic New York City, Darling stars a wide-eyed Lauren Ashley Carter (Premium Rush, The Woman) as Darling, …

Scary you say…?

Well, this what it’s come to. What have I done with my life? What could I have done differently…...? The answer to that is absolutely NOTHING! I am lucky enough to start a company involving something I love and have had a passion for my entire life. I started Scary Basement Media to be involved …