A Remade Remake Of An Original: A Review On Day Of The Dead: Bloodline

Time for another Zombie outbreak but, this is more then a crush this is a downright remake from 2008, whom loosely based that on George A. Romero's third enstallment of his Zombie iconic masterpieces. That said if you go into this movie expecting Romero-esque status bar to pique your going to be highly upset and …


Exclusive Chat With Star Of Cannibal Farm Kate Davies-Speak

kate davies-speak, horror, cannibal farm, the barge people, interview, scary basement media

We are pleased to share with you all a chat made available because of the lovely and talented horror loving actress Kate Davies-Speak. Hope you all enjoy it and look forward to more interviews from me in the near future!! Click here for video interview With Kate Davies-Speak

‘Hellraiser: Judgement’ trailer looks surprisingly good

The trailer for the long awaited Hellraiser: Judgement dropped today and color me intrigued! There was a lot of hub-bub about the lack of Pinhead original Doug Bradley but this film looks really interesting. It includes a very cool set of cenobites that look sick! Side note, A Nightmare on Elm Street alum, Heather Langdenkamp …

‘The Shape of Water’ brings monsters movies to the Golden Globes with 2 wins

the shape of water, guillermo del toro, golden globes

I was lucky enough to watch The Shape of Water just a few days before The Golden Globes. Obviously being partial to horror movies, this is one Golden Globe nominee that I had to see before the awards show aired. Let me tell you, what a absolutely beautiful film Del Toro has crafted. The quite …