[Trailer] In Search of Darkness documentary trailer is epitome of 80’s horror retrospective.

in search of darkness, trailer, documentary, 80s horror, freddy krueger, halloween, nightmare on elm street

If you are a horror lover you understand and respect what the decade of cocaine fueled craziness contributed to the horror genre. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there was cocaine involved in every 80's horror movie (Maximum Overdrive). All I am saying is that the 80's were amazing in a lot of ways …


Toy Fair & NECA teases with new Halloween 3, Friday the 13th, and Predator action figures

Halloween, 2018, toy fair, michael myers, laude strode

Every year NECA makes my wallet lighter and lighter with all the absolutely stunning collectables it teases at Toy Fair. This year is no different! NECA is a licensing samurai and always creates the best toys from the coolest franchises. This year we have They Live, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, Predator, and much much more! Finally, …

Night Prowler Video and Dreaming in Neon score love letter to ‘Halloween’

Halloween, dreaming in neon, night prowler video, music, synth

The release of the highly successful Halloween (2018) is making us salivate for anything Michael Myers. Well, to be honest, I am ALWAYS looking for cool Halloween content online. Night Prowler Video  gave us awesome Halloween fan film, He Waits, which had a fantastic original score by Dreaming In Neon. Now, They are back with a love letter to …