Horror-ific Interview with Indie Actor Roger Conners

A interview with Indie Actor Roger Conners about upcoming projecs inspirations and more.


An Exclusive *ART*istic Interview With David Howard Thornton A.K.A. Art The Clown

You learn from the greats and build from them, and that is what we are doing with Art. -David Howard Thornton Sometimes you book an assignment that can make you face your clown phobias and, come out of it braver and bolder because of nice people who play very dark demented characters. This is my …

Review: Monkey Farm

Indie horror is a wonderful thing. Wacky storylines, kitschy characters, and delightfully gratuitous gore all thrive in these low budget gems. Although this particular brand of horror has been on the up and up lately, it does by no means imply that a film with these characteristics is destined to sparkle in the indie spotlight. …