Horror-ific Interview with Indie Actor Roger Conners

A interview with Indie Actor Roger Conners about upcoming projecs inspirations and more.


An Exclusive *ART*istic Interview With David Howard Thornton A.K.A. Art The Clown

You learn from the greats and build from them, and that is what we are doing with Art. -David Howard Thornton Sometimes you book an assignment that can make you face your clown phobias and, come out of it braver and bolder because of nice people who play very dark demented characters. This is my …

Scary Good Interview With Leatherface Star Ian Fisher

Ian Fisher first started out as an aspiring musician and transformed his career into working on some of the biggest franchinses and working alongside some of our childhood heroes. Kymbear from Scary Basement Media was able to have an exclusive chat with this talented and kind man. See what he had to share with our followers..... …