A Friend to the End- Childs Play vs Childs Play

Childs Play vs Childs Play a runthrough of the movie history and short review


Review: Monkey Farm

Indie horror is a wonderful thing. Wacky storylines, kitschy characters, and delightfully gratuitous gore all thrive in these low budget gems. Although this particular brand of horror has been on the up and up lately, it does by no means imply that a film with these characteristics is destined to sparkle in the indie spotlight. …

Scary Good Interview With Leatherface Star Ian Fisher

Ian Fisher first started out as an aspiring musician and transformed his career into working on some of the biggest franchinses andย working alongside some of our childhood heroes. Kymbear from Scary Basement Media was able to have an exclusive chat with this talented and kind man. See what he had to share with our followers..... …