October Horror Fest part 1 -Here comes Freddy, the Trilogy of Nightmares

1 2 Freddy's coming for you. A look into the nightmarish trilogy.


Robert Englund to host new Travel Channel series

In an exclusive story from The Hollywood Reporter , the legend himself, Robert Englund, will be hosting a new show called Shadows of History. The show revolves around Englund visiting creepy spots around the U.S. that have been reported in newspapers over the years. "How can you make fascinating and petrifying stories even more scary? …

NECA announces Nightmare on Elm Street 3 accessory packs

nightmare on elm street, neca, freddy krueger, robert englund

NECA is one of the best makers of adult collectable figures and toys. The likeness' are always soft on and the detail is extraordinary. My shelves are populated by a number of figures from their collections. Recently, NECA announced a Friday the 13th accessory set that was BEAUTIFUL. They've followed that set up with every …