October Horror Fest part 1 -Here comes Freddy, the Trilogy of Nightmares

1 2 Freddy's coming for you. A look into the nightmarish trilogy.


[Trailer] In Search of Darkness documentary trailer is epitome of 80’s horror retrospective.

in search of darkness, trailer, documentary, 80s horror, freddy krueger, halloween, nightmare on elm street

If you are a horror lover you understand and respect what the decade of cocaine fueled craziness contributed to the horror genre. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there was cocaine involved in every 80's horror movie (Maximum Overdrive). All I am saying is that the 80's were amazing in a lot of ways …

NECA announces Nightmare on Elm Street 3 accessory packs

nightmare on elm street, neca, freddy krueger, robert englund

NECA is one of the best makers of adult collectable figures and toys. The likeness' are always soft on and the detail is extraordinary. My shelves are populated by a number of figures from their collections. Recently, NECA announced a Friday the 13th accessory set that was BEAUTIFUL. They've followed that set up with every …

Awesome 80’s miniseries and television show, ‘V’ getting new movie

v, movie, scary basement media

News broke yesterday from Digital Spy there is a new big budget movie version of the classic V series of the early 1980s. If you dont know what V is then allow me to fill you in. Basically, reptilian creatures come from outer space but disguise themselves as humans in order to take over the world. That …

‘The Midnight Man’ Trailer is here and it has lots of Robert Englund and Lin Shayne

So I haven't heard a whole bunch about The Midnight Man until recently. I mean, it has Robert Englund, right? How bad can it be?! Well that trailer looks pretty damn good actually. Lots of good scares in the trailer without giving away too much of the film. The director, Travis Zariwny, has worked on some good …