[Trailer] Doom: Annihilation trailer sends you to hell

Doom, annihilation, trailer, video game

Way back in 2005, a Doom movie, staring The Rock and Karl Urban was released and it left a completely bad taste in the mouth of fans of the legendary video with the same namesake. Flash forward fourteen years later and we have yet a second Doom film, Doom: Annihilation. This one looks a tad bit better …


Blumhouse set to take the Universal Monster reigns

blumhouse, universal, the invisible man

Big news from Universal and Blumhouse today! It looks like the current master of horror, Blumhouse Productions, is getting the keys to reboot the Universal Monster series of films. I guess after the abysmal failure of the Tom Cruise, The Mummy, Universal got smart and decided to include Blumhouse to turn the franchises around. It …